Christmas Studio (iPhone)

Create DJ Christmas music with an energized Dubstep twist - spreading joy this holiday season!

5 stars rave DJs around the world!

Christmas Studio (iPhone)5 stars rave DJs around the world!5

“Dubstep Christmas Studio” is spreading joy this holiday season with the first of its kind, a Dubstep Christmas Soundboard. With this Christmas edition you can create upbeat, energized and stunning DJ Christmas music with a cool Dubstep twist!

Featuring an unlimited multi-tracks recorder, massive Dubstep Christmas beats, loops, one-shots, ringtones, alarms, text tones and more!

Create your own Dubstep DJ Christmas music by mixing a wide range of Holiday Dubstep loops and one-shots together. All 100% royalty free, for commercial use. Use at parties, clubs, DJ events, live venues, raves and more.

Experience crystal clear audio with stunning retina graphics and a universal design for all your devices.

Dubstep Kit Christmas Soundboard is also available on the Mac App Store!



• Unlimited Multi-Tracks Stereo AIFF Recorder
• 384 Stereo Loops & One-Shots
• 140 BPM Audio
• 60 Tones (20 Text Tones, 20 Ringtones, 20 Alarms)
• 32 Stop & Loop Controls
• 16 Audio Categories
• 16 Volume Sliders
• Non-Motion Background on iPhone 4 devices
• Motion Background on iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, & iPad devices



• 100% Royalty Free – Lifetime Commercial Use
• Play multi-audio loops & effects simultaneously
• Loop individual or multiple audio files simultaneously
• Play/Stop audio in one category, without stopping another category
• Isolated Category Volume Controls
• Enhanced with Retina Graphics

* Hold down stop button for 2 seconds to stop all audio.
* Tap stop button once to stop left or right side audio in that category.



• Record & Save as 16-bit 44.100 kHz Stereo AIFF
• Save recorded tracks to 24 playback buttons
• Red blinking LED to confirm recording is in progress
• Volume Oscillator with Record, Play, Stop & Volume Controls
• Isolated Volume Slider for Playback of recorded tracks
• Recorded tracks are saved in iTunes File Sharing for easy access (instructions are inside the info page of this app)



• There is no limit to the number of tracks you wish to record. As long as your device has space, you can keep on recording and record as many tracks as you want.
• Recording over an existing recorded track will overwrite the previously recorded track.
• All recorded and saved audio tracks can be used 100% royalty free, for commercial use!
• When you run low on device space or you wish to save your recordings for use outside the app, follow our instructions inside the info page to save to your computer.



• 24 Arpeggiators
• 24 Bass Wobbles
• 24 Christmas DJ Vocals
• 24 Christmas FX
• 24 Christmas Jingles
• 24 Christmas Synth Loops “A”
• 24 Christmas Synth Loops “B”
• 24 Cymbals
• 24 Drum Loops
• 24 Dubstep FX
• 24 Dubstep FX Loops
• 24 Kick Drums
• 24 Percussion
• 24 Snares & Claps
• 24 Synth Pads
• 24 Transition FX



For an enhanced and thrilling Dubstep Christmas music experience, plug your speakers or headphones into your device. No Internet or email required to download audio packs, text tones, ringtones or alarms!

With our high-speed audio downloader, you can download any audio pack, text tones, ringtones and alarms on all your devices at lightning speed. Wake up to your favorite Dubstep Christmas ringtone or alarm or set the Dubstep Christmas text tones to one caller or all your callers this holiday season.